3. Liquify, Hair and Background Retouching

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55 minute video tutorial on how I retouch hair, backgrounds, details/distractions and how to use the glorious liquify tool correctly!



Liquifying is my favorite photoshop tool ever! haha. But its not just about making some one smaller. Its about evening things out. Slight little tweaks to totally transform your photo and make your client feel incredible. I will show you how to correctly use the liquify tool and you will be obsessed too!

Then, I will be showing you exactly how I retouch hair. Hair something a lot of people don’t think about and then when they begin get super overwhelmed, but I will show you just how fun and easy retouching hair is!

Backgrounds! how I add in an entirely different background, take out distractions and fix it all up to look bomb.

Throughout I will be showing you other little tip tricks and retouching details that I use while retouching.

liquify before and after